Psychologist Dr. Diane Preddy
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Psychologist Sandton Diane Preddy

Diane Preddy Counselling Psychologist

I am the Eternal Optimist!

I am registered as a counselling psychologist and have been in
private practice since 1987.

I work holistically with body, mind and spirit, to help people to develop
healthier and more balanced lives with increased meaning and purpose.

I refer to both Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology to help
individuals, couples and families to relate better to both themselves and others.

I also offer:

Marriage/relationship counselling:
We often depend on other people for love, companionship, play and other human needs.
When the communication and caring in the relationship becomes sticky, it is time for the intervention of a neutral, trained, professional third-party such as myself.
Even if the relationship is with your self, your body, your work or your environment, it deserves attention and care.

Zen Therapy:
is the combination of Eastern and Western Psychology designed to help people to gain happiness and contentment in relating both to themselves and others.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy:
This is a form of cognitive behavioural therapy that includes Mindfulness, unconditional acceptance and pure awareness as well as practical thought and behaviour improvement methods.

Please contact Diane on
011 803 8301

Counselling Psychology with Diaen Preddy