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To ensure our motto for the love of dolphins is incorporated into everything we do.

To create a sustainable world for marine mammals through education, research and conservation.

To operate in integrity and strive towards creating a safe environment in which inter-species relationships can be explored.

To facilitate dolphin programs that are profoundly educational and beneficial to being human.

Monitoring marine mammals in moZambique since 95

We have had the honor of working closely with this gregarious pod of inshore bottlenose dolphins for the past 17 years and as with all relationships that are nurtured ours is beautiful as it is based on recognition and trust. Since time immemorial dolphins have captivated the hearts of men and woman the world over. In Ponta do Ouro on the southern most shores of MoZambique, our hearts have been captivated too.....

The Dolphins of Ponta have been the focal study of founder Angie who has identified individuals within this complex dolphin society who enjoy human visits. Bo, a now adult female introduced Angie to the concept of conscious interaction between dolphin and man in 1999. Since then she has identified a number of dolfriends who choose to socially engage with participants. Bouts of circle swimming, direct approaches and trust allow us to now observe the dolphins in the most intimate way. One on one in the big blue.. An experience that often leaves one wondering who is actually watching who!

EnCOuntours offers purposeful holidays that are scheduled throughout the year and cater for families, solitary seekers, volunteers, holistic retreats and day visitors. When one is not entwined in dolphin time, time can be spent discovering some of the eco activities Ponta has to offer; therapy sessions, scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing & surfing are all available for the young at heart!


* EnCOuntour with Wild Dolphins - From R3500 P/P

* Three early morning dolphin field trips to encounter dolphins

* Pre-training with snorkeling & safety intro

* Dolphin ecology workshop & the DCA code of conduct

* Three nights lodging in Ponta do Ouro (see lodging portfolio)

* Brunches after field trips and two dinners (one night own account)

* Transfers to and from the launch site

* DCA gift pack with free image downloads of your encountour

Educational & ethical practice have been the foundation of encountours since its inception. Participants gain a special insight into the realm of the Dolphins of Ponta through a specially designed program that ensures ethical maine mammal tourism protocols are followed. Researchers & guides are present during sessions, ensuring the dolphins and your safety and the best dolphin experience possible.

All interactions follow the specially developed DolphinCareAfrica code of conduct, allowing for non-intrusive viewing on the dolphins terms, no feeding, no coaxing and no harassing.

A journey of discovery awaits you. Educate yourself, enlighten your life and evolve as you come into contact with the resident dolphins of Southern Mozambique, on their terms. No feeding, no harassment. Just you and the dolphins, face to face in the big blue!

Your support directly assists marine mammal conservation efforts in the area.

Tel: +00258 84 330-3859 or Cell: +082 920 8952