Marion Nixon Personal Change Coach
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Personal Change Coach

Marion Nixon

BA Hons BTh MA

Personal Change Coach

Are you tired of struggling?
There could be so much more to life...
You CAN do, achieve, be, what you want!

Contact: 021-6065857 / 084 512 9191

Sybrand Park Cape Town

Are you tired of struggling, frustrated by being stuck, sooo wanting life to flow for you? You CAN have the life you want, and it is easier than you think! Changing hidden limiting beliefs into positive ones opens the way for you to create the life you want.
Would you like to:
                      get clarity on what you want,
                      release any underlying anxiety,
                      reprogramme your inner critic into a supportive cheerleader,
                      create positive beliefs about what you can do, achieve, and be?
Experience internationally renowned techniques for getting rid of the negative self-talk, that little voice in your head that says you can't... the limiting beliefs, bad habits, fears, phobias, and addictions that hold us back from fulfilling our potential. You don't even need to tell your story! These processes also rewire the brain for positive thinking and successful achievement so your transformation is complete.

If your struggle is with weight, stress could be the key.
Stress causes weight gain, so learning how to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone that causes weight gain) will put you back in control of your weight and your response to stress, while losing weight on a fully nutritionally balanced 9 day cleansing programme.This programme has ended my life-long struggle with weight. It is a highly successful two module programme dealing with both the physical and emotional aspects of losing weight, including food cravings. A double win!
My skills include two decades of experience in relief from the effects of stress and tension. My training covers a wide range of complementary health practices. Before I discovered the world of natural health my love of learning took me into the acedemic world, and I have a Masters Degree in Religious studies. My spiritual life is the foundation of my compassion and concern for the well-being of others. My particular concern is for those who have experienced trauma either in childhood or adulthood, as I know from my personal life how these experiences can negatively affect our lives. I love being able to help others through the processes that have transformed my life.

Contact me for details on the packages I offer, or refer to my website.                                          I work with the following modalities according to each persons needs:

Emotional Freedom Technique / Matrix Re-imprinting

Cranio-sacral Therapy
Lymph Drainage.

Contact details: 021-6965857 / 0845129191


Namikoshi Shiatsu School
I started the Namikoshi Shiatsu School in Cape Town in 2002. It is dedicated to providing thorough practical and theoretical training of shiatsu practitioners.
Namikoshi Shiatsu is a powerful acupressure technique based on anatomy and physiology rather than the meridian system.

Benefits of shiatsu:
Relieves muscular tension and pain
Improves circulation and lymph drainage
Boosts the immune system
Detoxifies the body
Relieves stress, insomnia, calms the mind

Practitioner training is taught part-time over 12 months.
Classes are held one full weekend each month.

Modules :
- Anatomy and physiology
- Shiatsu basic practice
- Shiatsu advanced practice
- Shiatsu theory
- On completion of the course, students are competent to open their own practice.

Weekend introductory, and one day self-help, workshops are run twice a year for people who would like to include Namikoshi Shiatsu in their personal and family self-care routines.

Contact details: 021-6965857 / 0845129191