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What is TRE all about




Are you stressed, exhausted, traumatised or overwhelmed?

Your body has an intelligent, natural mechanism of releasing
acute/chronic stress and Trauma

What is TRE?
Most people recognise that stress and trauma presents itself mentally and emotional. The reality is that it starts physically in the body with a contraction in the muscle when faced with events that are stressful and life threatening. The key to RELEASING and RECOVERING from stress and trauma is to work with the muscle initiating release through the brain stem. This highly effective body based method initiates this release in a safe and simple way using 7 basic exercises that communicate with the Brian Stem and this is what makes TRE a unique process.

Once learned effectively, this process can be done on your own at home
TRE can be used with individuals, Groups and Corporates looking to improve staff wellness

Who can benefit from TRE
TRE is available to anyone or any age (5-80yrs) who has permission to exercise and can follow instructions to perform the exercises. We have even been able to initiate tremor in paraplegics by moving the muscle manually as if the body was doing the exercise. If you have any form of stress or trauma, current or long term (birth or PTSD), TRE is for you.
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Through deep muscle relaxation, TRE reintroduces a natural state of calm by balancing the Nervous System. Your story will always be yours but the associated charge doesnt have to be there.

Physical and nerve pain, depression and anxiety, autoimmune diseases, stomach problems,
high levels of stress, PTSD, ADD/ADHD etc.

Who can train in TRE
This training is for all Allied Healthcare workers, Medical practitioners, Teachers, Yoga and Pilates instructors, Chiropractors, Psychologists, Counsellors and anyone who has a passion for working with others. It can be easily integrated into your current practice.

Please find more information on training in Gauteng here


Haley Ritzlmayr on TRE Dr Berceli speaks about TRE

Haley and Dr Berceli in Cape Town 2012

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