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Search for Therapists in our Directory - 2017-12-18

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Anthony Teresi Clairvoyant, Master Astrologer and Psychic Visionary

Anthony Teresi is a gifted Clairvoyant, Master Astrologer and Psychic Visionary. His lifes work has been the development, refinement, exploration and mastery of the highest intuitive and Psychic realities of consciousness.

Westlake Village
Anthony Teresi

805 494 8767

Cheryl Murphy Psychic Medium

She has oriented her practice as a spiritual medium towards channeling loved ones who have passed over, and psychometry. She is a clairvoyant, healer, and ordained minister, as well as a certified hypnotherapist and an intuitive facilitator.

Cheryl Murphy


Glenn Smith-Intuitive Psychic Counseling

As an Intuitive Psychic Practitioner, I work with my clients and our Spiritual Guides to help gain a deeper understanding of their life events. Through an assortment of practices, I receive and give practical advice from Spirit to my clients as to what concerns they have in their lives.

Glenn Smith


Healing in America

Healing in America, a non-profit organization, offers energy healing development programs across the U.S., helping people to heal themselves and to develop their healing gift. Our program is designed to provide ongoing support to new healers and to expand the knowledge and expertise of established healers.


(269) 929-6796.

Hillary Black Spiritual Coaching

Blending intuitive readings and coaching into a comprehensive session to help co-create your hearts desire through lifes and career transitions.

Hillary Black