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What a pleasure to work with such a professional team that problems solves on the run. We are so excited to part of you team.

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Body and Mind & Inspiration TV brings you webinars from the leaders in health, wealth,  social, spiritual, mind power and relationship to the comfort of your own home.

That is… all the inspirational and transformational information, without the big price tag, and without compromising value and content. We have outsourced the best of the best in the country, and have found teachers who are passionate about what they do, and about helping you shift your life.  Check out the presenters’ page, to see the line-up of teachers who are ready to inspire you!

Learn practical tools to build wealth, manage stress before it manages you, gain deep insights into spiritual truths and philosophy, understand your mind and become a master of it.

Live with perfect health and vitality, enjoy satisfying and fulfilling relationships and so much more!

Body and Mind &

Hitesh Surujbally

From Durban

Hitesh has a passion for stand-up comedy, motivational speaking, and acting and has been a weekend radio personality. His dream is to become a world leading expert on philosophy, metaphysics, healing, human behaviour, and spirituality.-

What is a webinar ?

Simply log onto your computer go to our webinar page and we will bring the seminar to you,

instead of you having to travel to the seminar venue.

We understand that there are just too many things to take care off, when you go home after a long day at work. So we have made your self-development time, easy, affordable, flexible and convenient for you.  

All you have to do is switch on, turn on the volume, sit back, watch and be inspired.

Bringing the class room to you.

How can you be part of our webinars ?

A Monthly subscription of R80 will allow you unlimited access to all our monthly seminars.

Invite a couple of friends over and make an evening of it.

Have a bowl of popcorn and sit back and enjoy!

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Founder/Manager Inspiration TV