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GAUTENG Calendar Events

Divine Mother Group Energy Healing - Healing Your Pain

Date 25 Feb 2017 - 25 Feb 2017

Cost of event : R 100.00

Venue and address : Please email me for details. It will be in Fourways.

Divine Mother (the Mother aspect of God) loves you and wants you to experience her love and bliss. This is a deep energy, vibrational healing. It feels almost like a guided meditation. She removes blocks and discord in our multidimensional systems and people have reported feeling energised, relalxed and love-filled afterwards. My name is Chaturi Ma and I am the founder of Divine Mother Wisdom. We are the South African Representatives of Divine Mother Guidance and Healing (USA).

Website : https//

Contact person : Chaturi Ma (Divine Mother Wisdom)

Contact email :

Contact telephone : _

Contact alternate telephone : _


Indian Head Massage Course

Date 04 Mar 2017 - 05 Mar 2017

Cost of event : R 0.00

Venue and address : Bedfordview

Indian Head Massage Course

Topics covered:

    • History
    • Benefits
    • Ethics/Code of Practice
    • Massage Techniques
    • Massage Sequence
    • Essential Oil Blends
    • Acupressure Points on face, scalp and shoulders

Website :

Contact person : Chantelle

Contact email :

Contact telephone :


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