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GAUTENG Calendar Events

Divine Mother Group Energy Healing - Patience; waiting on the Divine

Date 01 Apr 2017 - 01 Apr 2017

Cost of event : R 100.00

Venue and address : Fourways or Online - complete the Contact form on my website for info.

You are warmly invited to attend this event. Please contact me to find out how to attend either ONLINE or IN-PERSON by completing the contact form on my website:
Divine Mother's Heart is very big and there is no end to her love. Divine Mother, the Mother aspect of God is calling you home to your heart. She loves you infinitely and wants you to know this. In this day and age most everything is instant. We have come to expect instant results from the Divine, as well and we are often dissapointed when things don't turn out the way we expect them to. Divine Mother wants to empower you in your daily life. She wants to remove blocks and discord from your life force that cause problems in day-to-day living. She is waiting for you. ♥
R100ZAR per person or the equivalent in your currency. Paypal payment method for those outside of South Africa.

Website :

Contact person : Chaturi Ma (Divine Mother Wisdom)

Contact email : Fill out contact form on my website

Contact telephone : none

Contact alternate telephone : none



Date 01 Apr 2017 - 01 Mar 2017

Cost of event : R 650.00

Venue and address : Kempton Park

Ever wondered why you have to experience certain challenges, hardship or illness in this lifetime?
Your previous actions have become present day problems.
The good news is that we have now been given an opportunity by spirit to release our karmic issues.

 This brand new workshop will include powerful meditations and ancient mantras to identify and release karmic bonds. As it is an interactive workshop there will be much discussion and a few practical exercises.
   Course content includes:

                                                                  What is karma and how it is created?
                                                                  Reincarnation and Spiritual evolution
                                                                  Taking Responsibility for Past Actions
                                                                  Identifying and Dissolution of Karmic Patterns
                                                                  Clearing Ancestral Karma
                                                                  Role and impact of Planetary imbalances
                                                                  Remedies according to Vedic astrology
                                                                  Vedic Mantra Recitation and Chanting

                                                          *** includes free set of rudraksha mala beads***


Website :

Contact person : sharmini naidoo

Contact email :

Contact telephone : 0837759050

Contact alternate telephone : 0828544607


Addiction Recovery Boot Camp

Date 08 Apr 2017 - 08 Apr 2017

Cost of event : R 0.00

Venue and address : 65 Cedar Road Northcliff

Detailed Event inform

You are invited to attend an informative and educational four-hour seminar exploring the latest research on the dynamics and processes of substance abuse and addiction.

Topics will include:

  • Is Addiction a disease?

  • Levels and impact of substance use

  • The biological, psychological, social and spiritual impact of addiction

  • Possible causes of addiction

  • Addiction as ‘needs-based’ behaviour

  • The difference between the addictive personality, addicted personality and addict personality

The formation of the addict personality as a neural network in the brain

  • Dual diagnosis – the relationship between addiction and mental illness/disorders

  • The myths about Rock Bottom

  • The role of Tough Love

This seminar will benefit those who are battling with substance abuse, the families and loved ones as well as professionals working in the field.


Presenter: John Smith – Addiction Recovery Specialist (For a profile visit

Venue: House on Cedar Addiction Recovery Centre

             65 Cedar Street, Northcliff


Date: Saturday, April 08 between 09.00 and 13.00

Cost: R300.00 including refreshments and notes and certificate of attendance

RSVP: or 082 728 4766


Seats will be reserved upon confirmation of payment:

JA Smith

Nedbank Northgate

Acc. 1237203929

Br. 123710

Ref. Boot Camp and Name


ation (Max 600 characters)...

Website :

Contact person : John

Contact email :

Contact telephone : 0827284766


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