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The Joy of Eating

Time : -

Cost of event : R 0.00

Venue and address : Online Programme

For most of us in this culture food is everywhere: on billboards, in magazines, at events and meetings, not to mention available at every street corner and often with 24-hour, easy access. This means that if food is fraught with anxiety for you, associated with 'good-bad' labels and the need for major willpower, you are in a battle with yourself nearly all your waking hours. It's this battle itself that wears you down, attacks your self-worth and paradoxically makes you too exhausted and full of self-defeat to ever be in the right place to make joyful choices.

I know of only one way to stop this battle, come back home to yourself and teach yourself bite-by-bite how to eat. I've done it myself, and I've taught it for years on my Embody workshop.

Imagine your eating being all about Joy (Aliveness + Ease + Love) instead of a seesaw of guilt and control.

Imagine giving clear and graceful leadership to food instead of it owning you.

Imagine eating becoming a path to peace and expansion for you, instead of a cause of shame and anxiety.

This is all infinitely possible. But not by getting obsessive about what you put in your mouth.

You have to shift your core relationship with food – what role it plays in your life – if you desire real and sustainable changes in your eating.

‘There is no medical, surgical or lifestyle treatment for weight or optimum nutrition that is effective long-term without a complete shift in the way we relate to food. Getting food right starts in your mind. When the mindset is right, and food is used as it should be, dietary intervention gets easy’.

Kelly Schreuder – Registered Dietician

How can you do this?

Primarily by eliminating these Top Ten Eating Mistakes:

1.     Eating mindlessly
2.     Using food as a reward for yourself
3.     Eating predominantly from your feelings (instead of your body)
4.     Eating predominantly from your mind (instead of your body)
5.     Eating to subconsciously please - or displease - anyone else
6.     Eating from fatigue
7.     Food as your main, or even only, source of pleasure
8.     Insufficient pleasure in what and how you eat
9.     Caring too little about food
10.   Caring too much about food

There is an hour long audio recording which enters into more detail in this regard on the website.

Website :

Contact person : Garrick Deutschmann

Contact email :

Contact telephone : +27844608667

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Aura Viewing Workshop - study at home

Time : -

Cost of event : R 0.00

Venue and address : Home Study

Starting 15 November 2016 – home study (1 lesson emailed to you every morning for 5 days)

“Our physical eyes look before us seeing neither past nor future, but the third eye embraces eternity. The only true security that is available is through our intuition. If we seek to satisfy our ego, our third eye will remain closed- emotions will block clairvoyance as we become emotionally attached to people. Clairvoyance is the challenging and piercing ability to see the truth. We all have this innate ability to use our third eye and pierce the veil of physical reality, but do we really want to know the truth?” Yogi Bhajan founder of Kundalini Yoga

I have been teaching my aura viewing course for almost 15 years now with great success and this is the next logical step to introduce this work to people that can’t see me in person. I have tested the technique’s extensively and only kept the most effective ones to ensure success… Berto

Website :

Contact person : Berto & Tamar

Contact email :

Contact telephone : 0825567400

Contact alternate telephone : 0817279939


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