Julia Tiffin - Who am I and What is my purpose?
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The tools that are used within a one-to-one session or handed down within a class, are time tested from a tradition that is over 3000 years old. These tools have borne fruit and yielded significant results in people’s lives and are now available to the general public so that we can attain excellence in life.

Some of the main questions in people’s lives are:

Who am I? and What is my purpose?

And of course we all want better relationships, love, success, abundance … and how do we attain that? In many ways, though, we are looking for something even simpler: in ancient alchemical texts, the gold we are looking for has been referred to as ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’.

… But WHAT is that?

It is J O Y! Joy is a state of being, it is something we attain when we have cleared away the outdated ideas, old emotions and antique belief systems we carry around like a dog with a juicy bone. It is a well of energy, a spring inside you, that you reach once you have come to a place of deeper knowing: who you are and what you are here to do. And no matter what you experience in life – all the possible hardships or celebrations, joy remains a constant source in your life and what you take with you throughout the journey in your life.

Julia Tiffin’s practice is dedicated to helping you find the gold within …
… Welcome to Julia’s practice, and reaching your potential within!

Where do I begin?

Truthfully there is always YOUR way, and once you have seen me, or even before that in an email or an introductory meeting, we may map out a way which you will navigate or drive according to your journey in life. And as part of that meeting you will share or know what calls you on this menu.

Many people come to me for a Life Activation and/or Emotional Cord Cutting (or often a Life Activation Package), and from there may explore Meditation or Awaken Thyself, and even feel drawn to more one-on-one sessions or classes like Empower Thyself, Sacred Geometry etc..

People feel a shift in their life with the Life Activation Packages and may feel complete with this experience.

But there is a fast track path for quantum progression with the tools of The Modern Mystery School and it starts with this:

  • Life Activation
  • Emotional Cord Cutting & Spell Removal and the Purification by Light
  • Empower Thyself

But let me take you on a journey to explain these 3 steps a little further …

Imagine 12 doorways in front of you .. behind the doorways lies the sacred knowledge that is YOU. The Life Activation opens 11 of those doorways. The last secret doorway, the 12th door, is opened with The Galactic Activation.

The Purification by Light, Emotional Cord Cutting and Spell Removal ensures that you leave behind the baggage you are carrying as you embark on this journey of awakening.

But there is an ancient gateway, one that is hidden on this planet – it is arched and bears the age old phrase ‘Know Thyself’. If you wish to step through this gateway, you will enter the fast track path – to find YOU and YOUR HIGHEST PURPOSE through The Empower Thyself Class. (The Life Activation is the first step, and you could choose either Empower Thyself or the Adam Kadmon Activation as the subsequent step.)

Based on your own unique journey in life, you may be called to explore Know Thyself or The Universal Kabbalah and both of these offer tremendous growth as your soul drives you to explore deeper into the mysteries of Who you Are.

As for one-on-one sessions, each and every healing that I have been trained in, has offered tremendous results for clients. The two healing series which require a commitment on behalf of the client to journey through them for a period of weeks and months, lead to phenomenal results, and they are the King Salomon Healing Modality and the King Salomon Mind Region Healings.

Contact Julia:
084 680 6029