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Julia Tiffins practice is dedicated to helping you find the gold within...
The tools that are used within a one-to-one session or handed down within a class, are time tested from a tradition that is over 3000 years old. These tools have borne fruit and yielded significant results in peoples lives and are now available to the general public so that we can attain excellence in life.
Life Activation with Julia Tiffin

Life is all about energy...
Getting anything done requires energy to make things happen. What if there is a source of energy that lies within you? The mystics referred to this as your original blueprint; today we refer to this as our DNA.
How do we unleash the potential of this DNA?
Read more to find out.

Emotional Cord Cutting with Julia Tiffin Emotional Cord Cutting
Do you ever find yourself losing energy to the memory of past relationships, insults, injustices or hurts? Does the mention of someone knock you off center into anger, resentment or jealousy? Would you like to find more peace in your heart and more energy, patience and fun in your life?
Read more to find out how.

Other available sessions:

  • Unified Chakra Awakening
  • Angel Light Healing
  • Crystal Readings
  • House Blessings
  • Spark of life healings
  • Lotus Petal Balancing

Classes available for you:

  • Astral Travel
  • Meditation
  • Sacred Geometry Series
  • Awaken Thyself
  • The Universal Kabbalah
  • The Seven Mystery Schools

Contact Julia Tiffin on 084 620 6029 or send her an email on julia@spiral-light.net to make an appointment.
Visit Julias website to get more information www.juliatiffin.com