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Live an Enlightened Life with Colleen-Joy Page - artist, author and coach.

Colleen Joy Page
The Apple Tree is my symbol for the true self.
Finding our Apple Tree is our birthright and destiny.

This work is for those with a sincere interest in SELF-DISCOVERY, SELF-REALISATION,

This is the art and science of...

self discovery
self realisation
self empowerment
self enlightenment

The true self is not something we become. It is what we truly already, always are. This is not known and not felt by most, and therefore so many suffer. Like a cloud before the sun, we need only remove the cloud of ignorance to see what is true.

Are you a "doing" or a "being"?

Every social event, wedding, business function with strangers involves the ritual "What do you do?" question. The answer is most always started with "I AM..."

When asked "What do you do?" you answer "I AM..."

We make what we DO into what we ARE. This sounds innocent and harmless, but consider what this does. We believe that we are what we do, so when our doing is threatened our very existence, our worth, our identities feel threatened also. Think about when we face illness, financial restrictions, limitations... we feel WORTH LESS when we DO LESS.

We feel WORTH LESS when we DO LESS,
because we believe that what we DO is who we ARE.
An Apple Tree DOES what it IS. Everything in nature is an expression of what it is in essence. The dormant seed, still and unmoving is the container of the BEING, of the identity of what it is. This BEING (or identity) is expressed through all of its doing. CLICK HERE for more

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Colleen-Joy is the founder and author of InnerLifeSklls and Enlightened Apple Tree.
For the past 20 years, Colleen-Joy has delivered over 900 presentations around the world, published 3 books, appeared in 2 documentary features about her life and been an expert guest on more than 20 television shows. She has dedicated her life to empowering people with her trademark InneLifeSkills coaching skills, and enlightening people with her much loved Enlightened Apple Tree work.

Tel:+27 689 9113

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