Transformational Therapy and Training with Nicola Tredoux
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Nicola Tredoux Transformational Coach
A series of therapy sessions can focus on anything, from improving self-esteem, motivation or brain integration, to clearing fears and emotional issues holding you back. You will be able to move forward with ease, function at an optimal level, stay calm under pressure, make choices easily. By becoming aware of what your issues are, feeling how it is shifted you become empowered and can move forward. Bio-feedback from your body indicates what you as an individual needs. By bringing balance to your system on all levels you can function from a calmer, more integrated space and have more energy.

Transformational Therapy:
Consisting of a combination of all my modalities including acupressure, energy work, intuitive work, crystal healing, affirmations, depending on what your system needs.

Brain Gym Therapy:
Consisting of Brain Gym and other Kinesiology techniques in a session aimed at bringing the person into balance for coordination, organisation, communication, focus, motivation etc.

It helps with Brain Integration, handwriting, ADD/ADHD, behavioural challenges, relieves fears, anxiety and emotional trauma, stress release, goal setting, self-confidence, postural control, clearing obstacles to success etc.

Short Workshops:
For stress relief, optimal performance and energy, improving handwriting, midline crossing, productivity, exam preparation etc. 2 hour workshops for any age.

Weekly or monthly group sessions: We set a positive group goal related to achievement, motivation, stress reduction, productivity, self-confidence, exam preparation etc and do Brain Gym to integrate the group for the positive goal.

Hands On: Brain Gym in the Classroom and Beyond
Neuro Integration Movements
Brain Gym 101
Contact Nicola Tredoux:
083 953 0216 or 021 9485669