Vision of The Heart with Chanel Lingenfelder
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  • Exploring the Alchemy of Consciousness through systems of Light
  • Live on-line webinars which host chanellings, Acension teachings, and much more
  • Chanelled teachings and messages from various Ascended Masters and Archangels
  • Ascension Initiations, Tools and Meditations

With the dawning of a New Age, a New Heaven and a New Earth, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey of discovering ALL THAT IS, as we journey step by step into shedding the old and embracing the New.

Visit our website and enter a portal where you can come to learn how YOU through greater understanding and growing perception can attain the awareness of not only Divine Consciousness but unravel the greatest and most powerful tool you have...

Your Self

Know a little more about your child
Benefit from enlightened parenting using colour analysis to reveal the attributes and processes of their life lessons. Bring clarity to the mysterious and complex world of children, improve communication and empower them in managing challenging experiences.
  • General guidance for children & adults
  • An invaluable insight into your child / newborn / grandchild/ or anyone else
  • No personal exposure or intimidating confrontations
  • A love-filled reading that brings understanding to unanswered questions and baffling situations

    Readings are recorded and are available via safe and easy download or CD