BodyTalk with Julia Hastie
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Gauteng BodyTalk with Julia Hastie

We live in a modern, fast-paced society, and the pressure on our health, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being is high. We are exposed to toxins in our environment, pressure to succeed, uncertain economic times, high levels of radiation and information from our technology, and seemingly, less and less time for rest and relaxation. All of these factors take their toll on our health, and our bodys ability to recover and repair itself.

The intensity of modern life highlights the need for a system which enhances health and addresses the underlying causes of health concerns. The members of BodyTalk Health all have profound and personal experience of the wonderful ability our bodys possesses, to heal itself. We also have training and experience in working with your body, at it’s own pace, and in a way most supportive to you. 
Upcoming Courses

We strive to regularly host interesting public talks in which you can learn more about your local practitioners, but also instructors from around the country. Courses are held at least once every 3 months in Pretoria/Centurion, affording members of the public the opportunity to learn amazing and simple techniques for addressing their health and well-being too.

Contact Julia Hastie
073 665 6319