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Pathway to Wellness

Welcome to the beginning of a new YOU and a new LIFE!!!

As we stand on the brink of an emerging new world and witness the rapid changes in process on our planet, mankind finds their ideals shifting. Many are considering if there is more to life than what we are experiencing, others are questioning the purpose of life, who they are and why they are here. As the shift continues many feel lost, alone and alienated. A deep yearning continues to grow inside us. Everyone searches to become complete within and fulfilled in life.

Pathway?s Ultimate Country Yoga Retreat is an escape from everything happening in the world and offers a tranquil space where one can simply just be in stillness, contemplation and reflection.

At Pathway?s we understand that the answers to all our questions lie deep within each one of us awaiting a space of solitude where they can be realized through the practice of silence. We have created this retreat especially for this reason, a place to find answers to your questions be it in silence or through interaction in our services offered. Please visit our retreat page for our services and opening rates and services page for more information on our services.

For those who prefer interaction our services also offer classes in scientific techniques to help us balance thoughts and emotions from the pressures of the chaotic world. They are demonstrated in classes and can be used in your life as a new lifestyle to bring balance to everyday living. The progress in technology and the wealth of information we have at our fingertips today, has given evidence to the fact that much of what we believed about life and ourselves is questionable. Modern science is proving that there is much more to us than we anticipated. This has left many feeling isolated. What we are discovering is that we are more than just the physical body which we thought ourselves to be. We are now discovering that our thoughts and feelings are a very important part of whom we are and the outcome of life and with this realization, people are searching for answers.

Our make-up essentially consists of a non visible and non physical facet which comprises our thoughts and feelings we could term our energy body. This body has been left on its own to operate for the mere reason that we were unaware of its existence and its needs, as it is energy in form. All facets of our life are governed by the state of our thoughts and emotions which if stimulated correctly can change our lives to a healthy, fulfilled, successful, joyful occasion.

It is at Pathways Ultimate Country Yoga Retreat we hope you will find full understanding of your whole self; mind, body and emotions and how to elevate your thoughts and emotions to serve you better, through the means of scientific methods that help people achieve the life they want.

Pathways is your guide to a whole new YOU living, being and thinking in balance with your whole new world.
Enjoy your new life.


Group Yoga Class (drop in) R 60.00
Personal Yoga Coaching R 100.00
Beach Yoga R 150.00
Children?s Yoga R 50.00
Meditation Workshop R 300.00
Pranayama (Breath Control) Workshop R 300.00
Mantra Workshop R 300.00
Asana (Posture) Workshop R 300.00
Yoga Nidra Workshop R 300.00
Chakra balancing treatments R 180.00
Personal program (Including materials) R 200.00
Life coaching R 200.00
Pathways Workshop (1 day course) R 400.00
Pathways Weekend Retreat R 900.00 (excl accommodation)
Djemba Drumming R 50.00 per session)
B&B Accommodation R350.00 per person per night sharing

Self Catering Accommodation R250.00 per person per night sharing

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Jennifer Fitzsimmons

Cell: 083 695 1360

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