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From helping you focus on and achieve excellence in any area of your life, to NeuroLinguistic Programming, Creative Visualisations and Guided Meditations, Hypnosis, NAET and Energy Healing and more, Yemanya NLP & Development Centre has the toolboxes you need to help you find your direction and focus and achieve all your personal and business goals.

As you navigate through your personal and business life and think about your health, family, social and interpersonal engagements, and many other themes in your life, you
may want to explore different ways to achieve your desired results. In addition to experiencing the benefits that are provided by the use of these tools in the coaching context, you can also learn to confidently and effectively apply many of the techniques on a day to day basis, some so naturally that you need not be concerned about finding a special time or space to do so.

Services Offered

 Creativity Coaching workshop series

Creativity Coaching Workshop Series

In this series, the focus is on you and your inner world, allowing you to overcome unwanted emotions and becoming mentally free to see your world with different eyes and investigate new and different ways of thinking, creating and experiencing. Everyone has a creative side to them, even if you are unaware of yours.


Coaching Dialogue for Personal Development

From managing negative emotions such as anger and jealousy, to learning how to connect more deeply emotionally in our relationships. Personal coaching is all about helping you break down, step by step, where you want to go and working out the baby action steps you need to take to achieve those goals.

Business Coaching

Whether your business is just starting out and youre a young entrepreneur, or you have an established and well-performing business that youd like to take to the next level, business coaching can help you tackle issues and just generally make sure you see the bottom line results and growth you need to see in order to know that your business is a financial success.

Creative Visualization and Guided Meditation

Everyone has a creative side to them, even if you are unaware of yours.
Awaken this part of yourself and use your creativity and creative spirit to better manage stress, develop a strong inner emotional rhythm and improve your concentration and ability to achieve your lifes aspirations.

NAET and Energy Healing

NAET Energy Treatment is a powerful methodology used effectively to treat allergies, sensitivities and intolerances in a non-medical way that does not involves the use of any pharmaceutical drugs.

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