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Being Human Detox Centre

Being Human Detox Centre

The DETOX CENTRE was opened in 1998 by Natural Health and Colon Therapist, Ramesh Ramkumar, in South Africa. Since then there have been many changes to the premises to accommodate growth and the steady influx of people, many with a new-found lease on life and many who have been through the most incredible transformational processes to realise the divinity of Being fully Human.

Although much has changed since then, the same basic Principles that the Centre was founded on, to nurture, nourish, care and comfort each and every individual who passes through its doors, has not changed. The personal attention and the ever present human touch of honesty, integrity, dedication and commitment to serve those who bring their pain and suffering to us have been the key factors in their healing process.

The Detox Centre is very much a family enterprise, managed with an emphasis on personal care by Cheryl, Ramesh Ramkumars daughter.
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Why is the unique treatment routine we practice so effective in helping thousands of people over the last 15 years reverse practically any disease?

Quite simply, our method is designed to systematically cleanse and purify the approximately 20 liters of biochemical in your body. This is the petrol that drives the vehicle of your soul on the freeway of your life. When we start work with you we will take a drop of this biochemical, place it under a powerful microscope and together look at it displayed on a computer screen. On the wall in front of you is a chart showing what good clean biochemical (made up of blood and lymph fluid) should look like. When we compare what most peoples biochemical actually looks like, its like diesel in a petrol driven vehicle. Our job, through our unique methods is to cleanse, purify and restore it back to its normal condition.

Why is it important for this biochemical to be its normal alkaline state instead of the impure acidic condition most peoples biochemical is in?

It has everything to do with how every disease is fed to grow through the acute, sub-acute, chronic to degenerate stages in your body. Your entire body is composed of microscopic cells. Each cell is a complete living organism, a complete microscopic unit of life. The dream of one cell is to become two, so it divides, splits into two, and multiplies. Thats how life lives itself. The other important function of these cells in your body is to produce energy 24/7. If they all stopped producing energy simultaneously, well call that death, cold, lifeless - no energy, no life. This 20 litre of biochemical surrounds and hugs each beautiful cell of your bBeing Human by Ramesh Ramkumarody, giving it what it needs to produce energy, carrying away by-product waste from energy creation and supports new cell growth when they divide to multiply. This biochemical is your immune system. It protects and nourishes each cell, but if it is acidic and filled with toxic waste and parasites, it will agitate, distress and disease the cells. In the toe well call it gout, in your head, migraine and many other names in between for the same cellular degeneration that will happen. Planet Earth is suffering from a disease called Global Warming (no prizes for guessing why) and our own earth bodies too are diseased, suffering and dying early from toxic waste. Colon cancer is today the number one cancer (once again, no prizes for guessing why)

Thousands we have worked with now live disease, misery and medicine free as a result of internal hygiene and the foundation we create for your body to heal itself. Although the seven day retreat is a highly effective deep tissue and vital organ detox process, we offer guidance to detox the mental and emotional self. It is very evident during this retreat that when your body unburdens itself of toxic waste, it gets easier to deal with mental and emotional baggage. Besides, it is the same acidic biochemical that can feed the toe with gout that feeds the brain which is involved in thought making processes, which produce subsequent emotions. Simply put, when your body is unwell and in pain, it agitates your mind and emotions which results in a chemical reaction that floods your biochemical, saturates the tissues and makes your body feel worse. It becomes a vicious cycle, which we break with our vast experience over the last 15+ years of working with thousands of people and getting incredible results.

We have many successful stories from people with chronic and degenerate disease to people who just want to maintain their trim figures and vibrant state, like the ex-Miss South Africa first Princess who regularly patronises the Centre for years to maintain her stunning looks. Visit our website for more client experiences
Nearly everyone who comes to us has spent thousands on doctors, hospitals, medicines, supplements and a range of other therapies in their desperation to get rid of disease, pain, misery and suffering. Nothing really helps long term. The cost of a simple surgical procedure can be R30 000 to a million Rands for a liver transplant. Never mind the cost in down time, low productivity, anger, hopelessness and pain. We can help you recreate your life from inside out.

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