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Amber Moon

Reiki is about having a balanced energy flow that brings about healing.
Patients are treated using hands held above the body in a relaxing, comfortable environment.
This will allow the Reiki Energy to reach all the way down to the cellular level, to heal, harmonise and balance right down to your DNA level. This will also allow the aligning and balancing of the joints and chakra’s.

Where there is an imbalance it is smoothed out and rectified. 
As with any form of healing the full effects of Reiki are not necessarily evident after one session and several sessions may be required.

Please click here to view Dianes  Reiki Courses.

Diane has a wonderful ability to channel directly to the Angels & Arch Angels giving her the ability to give readings that are incredibly accurate and precise!

She uses a number of decks and finishes off with the Angel Tarot.

Angel card readings can be done face to face or over skype if you are not able to visit Ambermoon.

Mediumship gives those who have lost someone dear to them the ability to cope with their loss. It is never easy to lose someone who was loved dearly but having one session with a medium can help them to realise that their loved one is safe and content on the other side. This will in turn help deal with the grief which will become much easier to deal with.

Diane incorporates mediumship with her reiki and angel card readings.

Psychic Connections
Clear answers and guidance from loved ones that have passed over as well as Angels, Arch Angels and Spirit Guides.

Diane Ribeiro Interview on Amber Moon and Angel therrapy

Work in conjunction with:
• Arch Angel Raphael for healing
• Arch Angel Michael for protection
• Arch Angel Uriel for Life Purpose & guidance
• Arch Angel Gabriel for Communication & Arts

Diane uses this angelic assisted technique for cutting cords from past relationships that no longer serve you. During the process any negative energies are transformed into positive.

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Amber Moon
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Gordons Bay.
Western Cape.
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