The Colour Option with Lien Potgieter
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The Colour Option with Lien Potgieter

The Colour Option with Lien Potgieter

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Colour has been used for centuries as part of holistic therapy and healing. It is a universal subconscious language. Learning to understand this language opens the possibility for a whole new way of being. It means seeing and experiencing yourself, others and this world in a brighter, new light.

When you speak colour, you get in touch with your heart and soul, and ultimately radiate from within. Colour reveals insights about your inner world, and holds the power to help you heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks so you can improve your life and reach your full potential. This is all in a gentle, playful way - just as colour is.

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Master mindfulness with colour. In a world where everything is about either the past or the future, we often forget that we only have the present. Colour can help you to come back to the now and rediscover the magic of the moment. By teaching you to use all your senses, The Colour Option helps you to become aware of who you are and what you love. We are passionate about the power and secrets of colour, and believe in its ability to heal the body, heart, mind and soul.

The Chic Rainbow Chick is on a mission to start a worldwide colour revolution! She uses colour to help people from around the globe to awaken to their true selves and to others in a fun, gentle, playful and beautiful manner.

Find the courage to show your true colours. The Chic Rainbow Chick is there to support you on your journey within. You will radiate from within when you treat your body, heart, mind and soul with love and acceptance.

Says the Chic Rainbow Chick, "Colour helps us see that there is different way of doing, feeling, thinking, believing and being."

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Imagine an elegant, trendy, whimsical and colourful fairy-like creature who speaks colour! Yes, thats me - the Chic Rainbow Chick.

From my small cottage in Johannesburg, South Africa - also known as the Rainbow Nation - I inspire, educate and motivate colour lovers from around the globe to live mindfully.

I personally oversee all readings, courses and workshops. And I do it with great love and appreciation. My unique touch is that I connect with you energetically to "feel" your true nature and soul energy.

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Happy colour lovers and how we impacted their lives

Some of our corporate clients include ABSA, ABSA Capital, Standard Bank, FNB, KPMG, JP Morgan, Henkel, Spoor and Fisher, Momentum, MTN, DHL and Werksmans.

My colour reading gave unbelievable insight and an understanding of the inner self. David Botha, Johannesburg

This was a beautiful, informative and interesting experience.
Nompumelelo Mazibuko, Johannesburg

I did not realise how much colour can say about a person.
Sinazo Mgolozeu, Johannesburg

My two colour readings, done independently from each other, proved extremely accurate. The first colour reading I had done was an eye-opener because it spoke much about how my inner emotional state was contributing to me not being able to move forward thus resulting in me being stuck at a huge crossroads. The colour yellow was synonymously accurate especially and all I needed was a little joy and fun to lift the situation up quickly. The second colour reading was more in-depth and insightful as it drew upon the diving feminine and goddess energies. I was given insights into my past, present, future situations as well as the opportunities that lie ahead by merely incorporating colour into my everyday life. Lien is highly intuitive and a natural empath with a kindred spirit. I can highly recommend a colour reading by her as its extremely insightful and anybody of all ages and spiritual backgrounds can incorporate colour in their lives and reap the benefits of knowing thyself more deeply. Arthur Campbell, Johannesburg
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Mobile: 083 691 3569

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