Novalis Ubuntu Institute
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The Novalis Ubuntu Institute

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute

Is a unique & versatile venue centrally
located in the Southern Suburbs
of Cape Town.


Venue Hire & Services

The Institutes easily accessible and versatile venue make it suitable for a variety of events including conferences, workshops, classes, exhibitions, seminars, talks, functions, concerts, book launches, board meetings, receptions, screenings, and musicals along with spiritual and creative events.

Our clients include trainers, facilitators, NPO’s, government departments, both small and larger businesses, film companies, theatre groups, therapists, artists, authors and community markets. Should you be looking for venue in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, the Novalis Ubuntu Institute offers a variety of cost effective options to suit both small and larger groups and events.


Develop and promote the Novalis Holistic Adult Education Programme.
Target adult learners, youth leaders and civil society organisations working locally and globally in and with disadvantaged communities.
Establish and support networks that advocate for Holistic Adult Education.
Conduct research on the impact of The Novalis Ubuntu Institute’s Holistic Adult Education Programme on target groups.
Establish strategic partnerships to promote, expand and improve The Novalis Ubuntu Institute’s vision.
Sustain itself through its venue hire strategy and Cooperative status.
Raise and develop resources to meet the vision of The Novalis Ubuntu Institute.


The Novalis Ubuntu Institute is committed to individual and social transformation through holistic education programmes that promote sustainability, social justice, creativity and peace. These programmes combine the universal spiritual values embraced in the African philosophy of Ubuntu and Steiner Education.


Events & Calender:
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Marianne Boulle
Marketing Manager  


Tel: +27 21 797 1857   Fax: +27 86 659 0478