Interconnecting Fascia with Liza Kimble
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I have been doing massage and associated therapies since 1992, when I qualified from Jill Farquharson College. 1993 was followed by a Reflexology and Meridian Therapy Course, sparking my interest in Chinese Medicine and Meridian Therapy.

I began a mentorship with the late Dan Duboc in Lazer Acupuncture
for horses, which was to see me returning to Horse Therapy only recently on the journey, but will become I think, the most rewarding of my pursuits...

My constant desire to find a better way to help people deal with their compensations and pain patterns in the body, saw me embarking on an amazing and most definitely guided journey.
The Vision:

My vision is to revolutionise the spa industry from one of pure relaxation, to incorporate the latest techniques in bodywork in order to facilitate a greater healing in the body, and relief from pain. This is achievable by empowering the therapists with skills and knowledge that will not only help their clients on the table, but also enable them to educate their clients on how to implement some of these techniques to help themselves once they are back at home in their stressful environments.

The Tools:

As we know, the soft tissue of the body (being muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia) together with the skeletal and nervous systems produce movement.

Muscles become imbalanced when they are exposed to repetitive sports, past trauma and bad posture in the home and work environments.

When there is an imbalance in any of the three systems, we are faced with fatigue and eventual injury.

The muscles become tightened and the whole body is thrown out of alignment - pain is the result and people become tired, irritable, more stressed and all the functions of the body begin to compensate, trying to return to the equilibrium which ensures optimal health and functioning. This process affects all the systems of the body, from our hormones to our sleeping patterns.

Our job is to attempt to alleviate the pain in the muscles to such a degree that the client is able to function in a healthier state of body and mind. Our treatment needs to specifically target pain-producing, muscular tension, as well as to bring about a deep relaxation of mind, body and soul.

Contact Liza Kimble:

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