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Essentially Natural

Essentially Natural with Vicki Berry

Welcome to Essentially Natural - Its only Natural!

Have you sometimes found yourself considering natural solutions but felt paralysed over the uncertainty of what, and how to use it? In the past, weve found ourselves guilty as charged of buying that cheap import; wanted to use those green products but found ourselves worrying, do they actually work? Weve felt powerless to affect the size of of the carbon footprint were leaving; and too felt conflicted by an endless stream of advertising pointing us in so many opposing directions.

Our journey began in earnest after another dearly loved one was lost to cancer. It has been a remarkable journey of discovery of natural solutions and products that promote health and well-being.

We would love to share what we have learnt. We want to provide a platform for the truly wonderful products we have discovered. We hope to help every one of us to live life as naturally as possible, without causing harm to ourselves, other people, animals or the earth.

Essentially Natural with Vicki Berry Essentially Natural with Vicki Berry Essentially Natural with Vicki Berry Essentially Natural with Vicki Berry

Customer Testimonials
Dont take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.
Its only you our customers who can judge the quality of service we deliver.
Below are comments from customers who have been kind enough to share their experiences with us.

"Quick, excellent service! And no courier fees....I LOVE you guys!!!!" - Elza Albertyn

"I wish that I could give your entity more than 5 out of 5. Im so pleased with how quickly I received my order & how queries are so timeously responded to. So thrilled!! Heres to all my Essential needs". - Ruanne Moodley

"Prompt service, products well packaged, gift of lavender oil and small soaps included. Thank you!" - Maryke S

"Wow! What incredible service - it is so rare these days to have a service provider go the extra mile for a client! Very refreshing and I will most certainly recommend Essentially Natural and be buying more stock soon!" - Robyn

"Thank you for your awesome service and I really liked getting the little heart shaped soaps with it. Made it extra special!" - Italia-Odette

"How am I supposed to choose only a few products from your awesome range every time I look I add more items to my wishlist?" - Karen

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060 957 7980

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