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Hows Your Colon By Lee Buckle

By Lee Buckle Dip Pharm

Certainly not dinner-table talk, but one has to ask the question - do you have a normal bowel movement at least once or twice a day? Are you eliminating the putrified matter that may be poisoning you?

The colon is a sewage system, but by neglect and abuse it becomes a cesspool. When it is clean and normal, we are well and happy, let it stagnate and it will distill the poisons of decay, fermentation and putrefication into the blood, poisoning the brain and nervous system, so that we become mentally depressed and irritable, the heart, so that we are weak and listless, the lungs so that the breath is foul, the digestive organs so that we are distressed and bloated, the blood so that the skin is sallow and unhealthy.

In short, every organ of the body is poisoned, and we age prematurely, and we look and feel old, the joints are stiff and painful, neuritus, dull eyes and a sluggish brain overtake us, the pleasures of living are gone.


A toxin is "any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in the body, undermining our health or stressing our biochemical or organ functions", Elson Haas MD.

Symptoms of a toxic body include a bad taste in the mouth, headache, coated tongue, itching, constipation, lowered immunity, dizziness, offensive breath, fatigue, personality changes, gas and poor circulation.

Conditions which can result from toxicity include acne, gall stones, allergies, gastritus, hemorrhoids, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cataracts, obesity, colitis, uterine fibroids, and psoriasis, among others.

A healthy colon in an adult weighs about four pounds, an unhealthy one can weigh more than twice as much. When the intestines are clogged with waste matter, the digestive process suffers, thereby resulting in constipation.

How does the body adjust to cooked, processed and refined (dead) foods?

The body creates mucus which is used to filter out toxins from dead food, increasing its production of mucus in accordance with the amount of harmful food substances we consume. Over time the mucus thickens, portions of which are pushed into pockets called diverticulli.

AIM HERBAL FIBERBLEND provides the fiber and psylium which are both an intergral part of any detoxification programme. It also contains an unique and powerful blend of herbs that aid this process.

AIM HERBAL FIBERBLEND sweeps the digestive tract clean enabling the tract to absorb the maximum nutrients from teh foods that you eat. It is a great colon cleanser, easy to take and fits into anyones lifestyle.

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