The Hidden Mind with Diana Smith
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The Hidden Mind with Diana Smith

The Hidden Mind with Diana Smith
Interview with Diana Smith the HiddenMindThe HiddenMind Corrective Sound Protocol
The Hidden MindIt is said that when Albert Einstein heard Yehudi Menuhin playing the violin at a concert he was so overwhelmed with emotion that he said "there is a God". In biblical scripture, in the Book of Genesis it says "In the beginning there was the word and the Word was God" meaning that all creation manifested from frequency and energy. The sounds I use in the
HiddenMind Protocol have the precise pitch and harmonic to amplify the bodys energy and frequencies up to 10,000 times in order to bring them into its present corrective state. For instance, if a meridian is damaged at 4 months in utero and is only developed to 30% of its potential and that person is now 40 years old it takes a huge frequency jump to restore that to normal. I now know that the subconscious mind has an incredible capacity to utilise sound frequency to influence the regeneration of cells, organs, bone, tissue, and blood.

Sound frequencies can dramatically improve healing rates and restore homeostasis and balance. Sound frequencies have been used for decades by different practitioners around the world to improve neural development in special needs children, in particular using Mozarts music. CLICK HERE for more info

Living Threads
The Living ThreadsThe future of medicine is to promote a more healthy and productive milieu through self-care. The energy work of Living Threads is to nurture ones health, restoring equilibrium. The cross weaves of thread form their personal web for each individuals needs. An empowered source of healing created through darning the holes. This intertwined with gentle guidance of understanding as to who we are in the spectrum of lifes colours and the fabric of the universe. The Living Threads have evolved by matching the wavelength of our negative cellular structures with the right colour, and infused with the right geometry of mathematics. These wavelengths of various frequencies are altered when any dis-ease or dissonance is present. Living Threads is a sun-sphere of living potentialities that emanates pure light streams of living spiritual energy. These exist within the anatomical and physiological systems. Colour is everywhere, but its essence is not seen. These colour frequencies are a transformational experience and tool that can be used in whole body/mind healing. CLICK HERE for more info

Bio Energy
HiddenMind Bio-energy clinics RondeboschIn the HiddenMind Bio-energy clinics the primary aim of the Therapist is to locate any energy disturbances using a series of unique hand movements to scan the energy field, which surrounds the body.
During treatment, the therapist will outline any immediate measures to be taken regarding diet, exercise, rest, attitude, etc. At the end of the four days, the patients will be aware of exactly what is required of them in order to regain their health, which is rightfully theirs. Most importantly, the
HiddenMind Bio-energy protocol urges people to take back control and responsibility for their own life and health, which in turn leads to self-empowerment.

The HiddenMind Bio-energy protocol acts to self-empower the client by unlocking their hidden creativity and encourages them to take a more active role in promoting their own health. CLICK HERE for more info

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